Software and informatics industry is a young and dynamic industry achieving a rapid growth in a global scale. The sector provides a remarkably higher added value more than the expenses spent for trainings and investment. This industry leads service exportation in accordance with some awareness on the need to instill production efficiency with no raw material needs and fully relying upon Turkish capital. In that viewpoint, software and informatics industry is a locomotive sector that brings added value and employment without limits of time and space.

With its young demographics and over 1 billion dollars of exportation rate as of year 2017, software and informatics industry offers tremendous value to public domains such as education, health, law, security services in Turkey including many other sectors such as economy, banking, communication, transportation and production. Indeed, the only way to survive under competitive environment of modern age is to keep up pace with technological advancements.

Service Exporters’ Association offering assistance to its members by following the motto that solutions which can meet the sector with future belong to institutionalization, offer service in several dimensions. In order to achieve the objectives geared at transforming production potential to exportation, the Association organizes initiations in and outside of Turkey with public bodies, private domains, NGOs and similar institutes to increase service export units and also to promote the industry via developing products and projects.