Airline transportation in essence Passenger Transportation Services Industry in Turkey is an industry that has served as the gate of Turkey towards the entire globe. Led by the renowned airline company Turkish Airlines flying highest number of destinations in the world, this industry scored a remarkable growth trend with the contribution of its shareholders all ranking top in the global list of companies. In addition to advancements in airports and air traffic services; increasing the number of institutes offering best-quality education in cabin and cockpit trainings, trainings for technicians, personnel and subfactors of airline services allowed the company to empower its global competitive strength each year.

Expected to rise exponentially after the opening of Istanbul Airport as one of the largest airports in the world, Turkish Passenger Transportation Services Industry currently brings immense contribution to popularize Turkey as a global destination and transition center. Ranked among the top 10 list in relevant industry thanks to its vast experience and knowledge, Turkish Passenger Transportation Services Industry aims to bring higher quality of service to larger numbers of persons.